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Hi Folks, Just signed up, I am a bit of a Newbi to this not so much the electronics, But looking at the code scares me a bit I have yet to have a go, Still I will have to soon, I just finished a crawler type bot and I am going to put Arduino in it soon when I can sort out and learn the code, It has ten inch wheels two 24V. W/Chair motors with a 2 x 25 A controller I have tested it all out with a remote but its time to get the arduino into it, ??? Mr J.D If you see this note on here could you please let me know the diameter of the wheels on your Segbot, As that is going to be my next build, I have five of those motors they are a very strong and well made motor, Did you leave the brakes in yours,, Any way bye for now folks I look forward to a chat with you, Regards Mike.