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First off I would like to thank you for this site! What a great site with great information!

I just put 2 and 2 together and realized you actually wrote the book I had been looking at to help get me over the hump on my balancing segway platform. Sorry I can be a little slow sometimes. I will be ordering your book as soon as I get a minute or two here. Hopefully you get some revenue off the book.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by schooling but I work in the electric power industry. Hard to imagine isn't it?

I started working with the Arduino about a year ago with the intention of building a balancing riding platform of some sort. Not being a programmer I struggle with the code aspects of the project but I'm getting the hang of it to a certain extent now. Still struggle with some things.

My time for working on the project is limited from October thru April as I am a coach for our high school FIRST robotics teams (two FTC teams and an FRC team) and that is pretty much a second job for me.

Anyway that is me in a nut shell.

If you have any questions please ask away.



Hi Kevin,

Glad you found my site, I hope it is helpful for you. I too had limited programming knowledge and was a home-builder by trade with a degree in business management, that is until a friend told me about the Arduino. Within a few months, I had the Lawnbot400 running and have been building various robots of sorts since then. About 1.5 years after buying my first Arduino, I started working with the guy who introduced me to the Arduino, learning Ruby on Rails. Now I have been a web programmer for 2.5 years... funny how things happen.

How do you like FIRST robotics? I helped a school a few years ago that had no robotics teacher with a BEST robotics challenge that was in Birmingham (I don't think they do the FIRST challenge here), and that was a lot of fun.

Anyways, feel free to ask any questions you may have, I will be happy to help.