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a project by: Tiobel

The ArdWay project is an attempt to build a segway based on the Segbot code by JD Warren. The design was made by me and is being build during my free time, so it's taking me a bit longer that i've anticipated. I hope that at the end of November the project will be complete.


I started the control mode using an Arduino and shield similar to the one used by JD but decided to build a standalone version of the ATMEL328.

The motion sensor used is the IMU 5DOF.

Arduino Version

Arduino Version


Standalone Version

Standalone Version


The test phase of the code and both circuits was completed with success.

I've added a reset button and a master power switch to cut battery's power directly to the standalone version but these changes aren't updated in my site. 


My original design was changed a little bit as the build advanced due to construction problems, material used, etc. It's a dynamic design :)

Please check my site for some more pictures.




The first test drive :)


Stuff for the future:

I have a moving steering bar connected to the steering pot, this system, isn't working so good as I would expected. Also the spring mechanism to maintain the bar in a vertical alignment also need to  be reconsidered.


Another good thing to add is a battery monitor with a sound warning.

I still don't know if I include a battery charger onbord or not.?!?!


The design should also suffer (again) some changes.

Basically is this :)



Hugo Gomes